Guillaume Musso 

Every reader looks for a place to fly in, a place to isolate in,a place to live a thousand diffrent lives ….As soon as you hold his books between your hands  all of this and more can happen!!You’ll be shook by ropes showing up from nonentity  wrapping you up as it drags you… kidnapping you when you’re helpless like an hyponised

Deeply drunk … Yes .. I’m talking about Guillaume musso’s novels 

You may run across the library and see it between the shelves or between a French women smoking her sadness up in the balcony downtown Paris .. furthermore under the cross of an atheist saint’s house in Central Park!!and you’ll find an old copy warmly preserved by regret beneath the clothes of a stripper up in the alley of Mexico. 

What about that psychologist who chose to unite with peacefulness and deep words of this writer tasting in magic it gathers passion, enthousiasme and romance! To excite you ,the sequence of events rise up like a rythm and you can’t do nothing but going after those notes weted  with portions of Hope and secound chances to overcome your fails and to love …a chance to get back the lost passion

You won’t be done with it until it’s done with you a light dizziness wrappes you up because of the unexpected ending and more curiosity and endless questions

I think Christopher’s quote represent me reading his stories { books are my friends …it makes me laugh and cry and pushes me to find the meaning of life}  truly I haven’t read it!! I melted inside it and strongly believed that one day I’ll meet one of his characters for how realistic it looks and how sharply well drewn 

How can he be French and he holds the entire worlds nationalities with his characters ….how can he be 43 old and he traveld threw the beautiful eras so life and youth traveled into his veins and he drank the elixir of black pain so he became stronger and flattier but the worst how can he fall in love with a single women and he dropes us in Gates of loving him endlessly …… Never I won’t dare  and tell you “I read this authors book” but Igot lost diving in his perfectly sewd stories !!to an arabic translation